Bessey ST290 Drywall Support 1600 – 2900mm


Bessey Telescopic Drywall Support ST290 1600-2900mm



Bessey Telescopic Drywall Support ST260 1600-2900mm

Flexible in application

  • It enables the positioning and holding of plaster carton, wooden planks, panels, battens, metal bars, foils and lamp bodies, for example. The support can even be used on sloping roofs:
  • Due to stable steel pipe construction in three sizes telescoping up to 2.90 m
  • Due to 8.5 x 6.5 cm base plates with a swivel range of -45 degrees to +45 degrees

Easy to handle

The support can be used quickly:

  • Due to the fixing in just two steps:

The rough pre-setting is carried out using the telescoping and quickly locking inner pipe;

The final clamping is carried out by turning the support at the foam grip

Secure hold

Resilient and anti-slip, the support guarantees secure holding, even on sensitive surfaces:

  • Due to special steel pipes for a maximum load bearing capacity of up to 60 kg
  • Due to additional locking of the release button
  • Due to rubber contact surfaces top and bottom
  • Load limit60kg

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