Teng MD910N 10 Piece Screwdriver Set




10 piece screwdriver set for flat, Phillips and Pozidriv drive. TT-MV-PLUS steel. Ergonomically designed two component handles with hanging hole.

Teng Tools No MD910N
Screwdriver M920N1
mm 0.5×3.0x100
Screwdriver M922N mm 1.5×5.5×75
Screwdriver M923N mm 1.0×5.5×150
Screwdriver M928N2 mm 1.2×6.5×150
Screwdriver MDV822N 1000 volt mm 0.5×3.0x100
Screwdriver MD940N PH No 0x75
Screwdriver MD947N1 PH No 1×75
Screwdriver MD948N1 PH No 2×100
Screwdriver MD961N PZ No 1×75
Screwdriver MD962N PZ No 2×100
Weight kg 1.519

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