Ox Tools P024406 Pro Level 600mm


Ox 600mm Pro Level P024406



The OX-P024406 Pro Spirit Level 24in/600mm/60cm has 30mm depth extrusion and patented innovative dual view vials are just some of the features on the extraordinary OX Pro Series level.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dual view vials give the unique front view of the vertical vial for more precise levelling.
  • Magnified vial for better readability.
  • Shock -proof polypropylene and TPR end caps with air cushioned PVC shock absorbers.
  • High quality aluminium extrusion.
  • Air cushioned grip handles with soft touch feel.
  • Vials individually calibrated.

Technical Specification:

Measurement Standard – Metric
Length – 24in/600mm/60cm
Extrusion dimensions – 66mm x 30mm
Vial accuracy – 0.005″/” (0.5mm/m)

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