FENTO 200 Pro Knee Protectors


FENTO 200 Pro Knee Protectors

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FENTO Knee Protection specialises in ergonomics. All our products are co-developed by medical specialists. FENTO products help prevent knee and back complaints by ensuring correct pressure distribution. FENTO 200 PRO The FENTO 200 PRO is the new, improved version of the FENTO 200. It is our best-selling product. The improved fit provides even more comfort, flexibility and better ergonomics thanks to correct pressure distribution, which helps prevent knee and back complaints. The PRO models are more hard-wearing and therefore longer lasting. The inlays of the PRO models are detachable and replaceable (the support effect can become less effective after frequent use and therefore need replacing). It is lightweight, weighing just 250 grams, has a breathable interior and is 100% waterproof. The wide elastic bands prevent pinching behind the knee. The 200 model is shorter than the 400 model and offers more freedom of movement.


Product Description


100% Comfort

Inlay is replaceable and breathable

Co-designed by medical specialists

Prevents knee and back complaints through pressure distribution

Perfect fit

The Elastic band does not constrict the back of the knee

The inside is breathable

Lightweight: 250g

Flexible and 100% water resistant

Durable and very hard-wearing

Recommended by Health and Safety professionals, and physiotherapists

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