LED Lenser XEO19R Rechargeable Head Torch


LED Lenser XEO19R Rechargeable Head Torch

2000 Lumens

20 Hours Run Time

300 Metre Beam Distance

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Product information

Extremely bright. Extremely active. Extremely well-tailored to your needs. The LED LENSER® XEO 19R.

For everyone with a love for extremes. Whether it be bikes, boards or skis: Finally there is a superlative high-end headlamp, the Led Lenser® XeO. This headlamp is fitted with a world innovation, two independently adjustable Led light cannons that live up to every challenge thrown at them.
The special feature: The Leds adapt individually to your performance. The faster you are, the brighter the headlamp lights. Offering up to an unbelievable 2000 Lumen of lighting power in Boost mode. And the Leds can also be individually focused. The light is optimally distributed at all times and tailored to your needs.
And the operation? Controlling high-end technology has never been easier. The 5-way switch is fitted with three power levels, an adjustable dimmer and emergency light. And the XeO isn’t just a headlamp, it can also be handheld.
Comes Complete With:
Handle bar mounting bracket,
Helmet mounting clip,
Connector for GoPro,
Connector for Tripod,
Belt clip for battery box

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