LED Lenser M7 Professional Focusing Torch in Black Gift Box


Part no. : 8307
Barcode : 4029113830706

LED Lenser LED8307 M7 Professional Focusing Torch Black in Gift Box



The LED LENSER® M7 combines comfort and dynamic. It is equipped with light intelligence managed by programmable microcontrollers. These microcontrollers are the M in the name of the lamp, and they are the core piece of Smart Light Technology (SLT). Smart Light Technology is an electronic light control system that provides several light programs (Professional, Easy, Defense) and different light functions (Morse, Boost, Power, Low Power, Dim, Blink, SOS, Defense Strobe).

The M7 also features stageless dimming. The selection of functions is intuitive and carried out by using only one push-button. SLT not only controls the light programs, but also the manner of discharge of the lamp. There’s a choice between steadily decreasing or constant current drain and brightness. And for the first time, the continuously adjustable Advanced Focus System can be locked – thanks to our new Fast-Lock-mechanism.

Technical Data:

  • LED – High End Power LED
  • Length – 137mm
  • Weight – 193g
  • Lumens – 220lm*
  • Batteries – 4x AAA
  • Energy tank – 7.2Wh
  • Burning life – 11h**
  • Beam range – 255m*

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