Dewalt DW717 XPS 250mm Mitre Saw & DE7023 Leg Stand Set 110V


Product Code: DW717XPS + DE7023

DW717XPS + DE7023 Slide Compound Mitre Saw 250mm TCT Blade plus + Universal Stand



DeWALT DW717XPS + DE7023 STAND 250mm Mitre Saw and Universal Leg Stand package, these tough and powerful DeWALT Mitre Saws are professional slide compound mitre saws supplied with the heavy duty DE7023 Leg Stand giving the trade solid stable platform allowing the saw to deliver the precision cuts required on today’s work sites. DW717XPS Mitre Saws are supplied complete with a strong hard wearing 250mm x 60 tooth TCT blade powered through an industrial 1600w motor and the DeWALT XPS shadow line cut indicator. DW717XPS saws have a cam action mitre lock function making mitre setting easier and quicker for the trade and allows quick adjustment of angles between 0 degrees and 60 degrees left and 0 degrees and 50 degrees right. The innovative grooving stop allows accurate adjustment of the cutting depth for grooving and rebating plus the large dual sliding fence on these 305mm DeWALT Mitre Saws gives maximum support when cutting large material at any angle or combination of angles and provides maximum stability and accuracy at all times. Industrial DeWALT Mitre Saws have linear horizontal rails utilising bronze guides to provide maximum precision when cutting materials up to 320mm wide and quick release bevel settings providing accurate and simple setting of bevel angles up to 48 degrees left and right.

The DeWALT XPS Shadow Line Cut Indicator provides fast accurate alignment of the blade showing you exactly where your cut will take place while illuminating the work piece for increased productivity and operator safety, this industrial mitre saw is compact and lightweight delivering to the trade from DeWALT power tools a tough, rugged mitre saw with enormous capacity that is easy to transport around the jobsite

DeWALT DE7023 Universal Leg Stand is fully portable and quick and easy to set-up making a rigid stable and versatile platform. These DeWALT Leg Stands are fully extendable from the 1.9mtr base using telescopic extensions expand the working area out to 3.9mtr allows support of work pieces over 5mtr in length. The DE9023 leg stand has a unique bracket mounting system that takes all DeWALT and most competitive mitre saws, these brackets are also available separately meaning that one mitre saw station can be used in conjunction with a variety of mitre saw machines, the mitre saw brackets can also be used with a board to create a large surface for supporting work, the workstation also features quick release spring loaded retractable legs creating a secure working platform on the work site

A convenient carry handle on the underside of the DeWALT DE7023 stand provides easy, balanced single-handed transportation of the stand, transportation is aided yet further by a shoulder carry strap, which is available separately, with the lightweight construction of the leg stand and it’s compact self contained parts, this is the first mitre saw system that provides the user with a truly portable yet versatile and stable mitre saw workstation for site

Specification of DeWALT DW717XPS Mitre Saws

  • Power input 1675w
  • XPS Shadow Line Cut Indicator
  • Blade speed 4000rpm
  • Blade diameter 250mm x 30mm bore
  • 60 tooth TCT blade supplied
  • Bevel capacity 48°/48°
  • Mitre capacity right/left 50°/60°
  • Cutting capacity at 90°/90° w x h 302mm x 88mm
  • Cutting capacity at 90°/90° w x h 320mm x 76mm
  • Cutting capacity at 45°/90° w x h 213mm x 88mm
  • Cutting capacity at 45°/90° w x h 226mm x 76mm
  • Cutting capacity at 90°/45° w x h 302mm x 58mm
  • Cutting capacity at 90°/45° w x h 320mm x 50mm
  • Maximum cutting capacity at 45°/45° 226mm x 50mm
  • Maximum depth of cut saws 152mm
  • Work-piece illumination
  • Size d x l x h 540mm x 720mm x 440mm
  • Blade spanner
  • Dust bag
  • Weight 23kgs

Specification of DeWALT DE7023 Universal Leg Stands

  • Accommodates all DeWALT Mitre Saws
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Portable around the jobsite
  • 1.7mtr beam extends up to 3.9mtr
  • Beam can support up to 182kgs
  • Work stops can be converted into end stops for cutting to length jobs
  • Integral folding legs avoids assembly
  • Integrated carry handle for easy transportation
  • 2 x work stops/support + mitre brackets supplied as standard equipment

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