Dewalt DHS780T2 54v Flexvolt 305mm Mitre Saw 2 x 6ah


Dewalt DHS780T2 54v Flexvolt 305mm Mitre Saw 2 x 6ah Batteries

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Dewalt DHS780T2 2x54v 2×6.0Ah Flexvolt 305mm Mitre Saw – DHS780T2-GB

The new DHS780 FlexVolt 305mm (12”) mitre saw with brushless motor and hybrid drive is powered by either 2x 54v FlexVolt batteries. Despite being cordless and having a compact design, it has a huge cutting capacity of up to 303 x 110 mm. With batteries this mitre saw can perform 244 cuts in 20x70mm softwood and it keeps the workplace even cleaner with 75%+ dust collection efficiency.

This one of a kind mitre saw can be powered through batteries for the best and most powerful mobile mitre saw on the market or using the DCB500 mains adaptor it can be powered by either 240 or 110v mains power. The adaptor gives you both 240 and 110v capabilities. No saw gives you so much freedom than the DHS780.

The DHS780 is perfect for many different trades including:

  • Builders
  • Roofing
  • Flooring Contractors
  • Joinery/Shop
  • Kitchen Fitters
  • Exhibition Contractors
  • Window Fitters
  • Glaziers
  • Boat Builders

The creative applications for the DHS780 are only limited by your imagination but Dewalt’s suggested applications are:

  • Framing
  • Timber frame roof
  • Laying solid wood flooring
  • Fixing cabinet cornice
  • Wood paneling
  • windows sills
  • Fitting wall paneling
  • Cutting plastic fascia boards
  • Extrusion & plastics

Features and Benefits

  • Extreme versatility with cordless or corded power option – Cordless with the power of corded
  • Expanded cutting capacity of up to 330 x 58 mm (or with a 20 mm workpiece insert 120 x 120 mm)
  • Professional capacity in cross-cut, vertical and nested crown cutting applications
  • Precision cutting and grooving ensure a cut depth limitation
  • The angle of inclination can be precisely adjusted infinitely
  • Fixed ratchets for standard angles enable exact and fast mitre adjustments
  • XPS cut-line display provides for even more precision
  • Dust-proof trombone cut-out for the machining of larger workpieces
  • High-quality bearing guide rollers ensure a comfortable and precise cutting guide
  • Pull-out and the saw head can be locked without any problem for safe transport
  • XPS LED Light – Improves cut-line visibility and accuracy for faster work rate

Technical Specification:

Power Supply: 2x 54v FlexVolt Batteries / AC/DC (With Adapter – not included)
Blade Speed: 1900 – 3800 rpm
Blade Diameter: 305 mm (12″)
Blade Bore: 30 mm
Bevel Capacity: 49/49 °
Mitre Capacity [right/left]: 60/50 °Vertical Base Capacity: 170mm
Nested Crown Capacity 190mm
Horizontal Capacity: 110 x 303mm
Cutting Capacity at 90°/45° (W x H): 211 x 112 mm
Cutting Capacity at 90°/90° (W x H): 303 x 110 mm
Cutting Capacity at 90°/90° (W x H): 345 x 76 mm
Cutting Capacity at 45°/90° (W x H): 268 x 63 mm
Cutting Capacity at 45°/90° (W x H): 345 x 44 mm
Cutting Capacity at 90°/45° (W x H): 244 x 76 mm
Max. Cutting Capacity at 45°/45°: 212 x 76 mm
Weight: 25.5 kg


Supplied With:

1 x Blade spanner
1 x Dust bag
1 x Material Clamp
2 x 54V XR Flexvolt Li-Ion battery packs with state of charge indicator
1 x Multi-voltage, Dual port charger

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